Kate Cowie Riley loves Scotland and is extremely proud of her Scottish heritage. She supports eco-travel through planning and guiding people on trips through Scotland. She is a representative in the US for a nature conservation effort in the Highlands.

Kate writes two blogs currently: “Weaving the Magic Thread ~ the texture of my life”, a series of auto-biographical essays; and “Scottish Heart”, where she shares her love of Scotland. She is also the Copy Editor and Lead Contributor for Celtic Family Magazine.

Kate retired in 2013 from nearly 40 years in Private Practice as a Somatic Psychotherapist & Bodyworker, Massage Therapy Instructor, Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Spa Director and Consultant who also wrote & taught about Eco-sustainability and WellBalance.  Her professional blog, “The Riley School of Integrated Somatic Bodywork” is also retired.

All of Kate’s blogs are copyright by Kate Cowie Riley; all photos are copyright Kate Cowie Riley, unless otherwise stated.

Any advertisements that are seen on the WordPress sites are in no way supported by Kate Riley.



4 Responses to About

  1. Russell Cowie says:

    Hi Kate

    Great site! I stumbled across it whilst trying to ascertain once and for all what my historic family crest is. Some sources have pointed to the Fleurs de Lis and others to a Falcon, wings stretched, on a branch sprouting new greenary. The only problem is that my family lineage is tricky to trace and whilst my grandfather (on my father’s side) was raised in Edinburgh, I struggle to do much better than that!

    I have found some sources that suggest the Falcon crest is from a group of Cowies in Surrey, in the south of England, but note that the coat of arms on your website features it. I was content that it was in fact the Fleur de Lis that was more likely to me mine, particularly as it has French origins and as we know, the Fraser clan are thought to hark from Anjou in France, but now I’m less sure.

    That said, I wondered if you had unearthed any family evidence yourself to suggest that the Falcon crest has Scottish connotations?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    R. A. Cowie

    • Greetings, Russell, and thank you for the compliment! As for the Cowie crest, there may be different ones for different families. If you are looking for your specific one, the best thing to do is go through the Heraldry site for the Lord Lyon. Whether it’s a tartan or a crest/coat of arms, the Lord Lyon is the only way they are made official.

      On a Cowie family note, there are references to more modern Cowie ancestry throughout Scottish Heart. Perhaps you will find a personal family connection through some of those. Good luck!
      Kate Cowie Riley

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