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I found this article that was printed in the Groton, VT Times-Print in 1901:

(Pease remember as you read, that it was the early part of the 20th century, and things were phrased in a way that may not settle as well on modern ears.)

“William M. Cowie was a native of Aberdeenshire, the granite center of Scotland and, after the thorough manner of his race, served an apprenticeship of five years at the trade of stone mason and granite cutting.  He arrived in New York in 1883 and went to Richmond, VA.  Resolved to gratify his desire to see something of the extent of his adopted country, he pursued his trade as journeyman mason and stone cutter in  Charleston, SC, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Chicago.  About a dozen years ago, he settled in Tenants Harbor, ME, where he was engaged with the prominent firms of Booth brothers and the Hurricane Island Granite Company.

Coming to Ryegate two years ago, having proved all things, he will now hold fast that which is good, the granite business at South Ryegate, VT.  Mr Cowie has gained a wide and varied experience and finish as a workman, having been employed on the Brooklyn, Washington, and Buffalo post offices, the Grant Mausoleum, and The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch of New York.

The firm of Cowie and Gleason was formed in July 1900.  They are prepared to do all kinds of granite work a specialty, using Ryegate, Groton, and Barre granite.  After a wide experience they speak in high terms of the generally workable and reliable qualities of the Ryegate granite.

Believing in the Scripture and in the future of this country, Messrs. Cowie and Gleason are obeying the injunction. “Multiply and replenish the earth.”  Cowie has four sturdy sons and Gleason has four pretty daughters.

Ryegate has a cordial welcome for immigrants of this stamp.”

And so the Cowies arrived in the US.  Here’s to William, and his wife, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Cowie; my Grandfather, born Percy but changed his name to Jack B.; my father Douglas B. and his siblings; a myriad of cousins and their offspring; mostly, here’s to the one who sprung from me.

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